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Since 1908, RBSD Architects has provided a full range of architectural services, leading a long list of projects through all planning and design phases through to successful project completion. RBSD offers the full range of architectural services that are included in the basic project phases of pre-design, design, and post-design.

Pre-design services, primarily related to facilities analysis, planning, and programming, help potential clients to evaluate their needs and resources logically and consistently and to develop them to maximum advantage over time. For some buildings, such as hospitals and laboratories, identifying and resolving space, equipment, regulatory, and code requirement issues can be complex and critical to optimal resource allocations.

The design includes all phases of architectural design needed to produce a completed building, including schematic design; design development; construction drawings and specifications; and bidding and construction contract administration services.

Post-design services assist clients in evaluating completed projects, in maintaining buildings and physical plant environment, and in reviewing and revising plans as a result of changing circumstances.

RBSD offers the following services directly through in-house personnel:

• Planning and Programming
• Facilities Master Planning
• Space and Equipment Programming
• Feasibility Studies and Analysis
• Health Care/Laboratory Programming
• Medical/Laboratory Equipment Planning
• Certificate of Need Applications and Approvals
• Code Analysis

• Architecture (including project management of the design phases)
• Interior Design
• Graphic Design
• Specifications
• Construction Administration

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