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Sterling Library, New Haven, CT

During its formative years, RBSD  was well known for the design of major university campuses, particularly Yale University, the alma mater of the firm’s founder, James Gamble Rogers.  During the early 1900’s, the firm was responsible for the evolution of the Yale campus and its Neo-Gothic aesthetic through the design of important academic and dormitory building.

Yale Universityby admin

Law Library, New Haven, CT

The founder, James Gamble Rogers began a 17-year association with Yale University.  The firm revolutionized the college’s architectural setting to that of a major urban university through projects such as the Memorial Quadrangle, with its principal feature, Harkness Tower, and the Yale Law Library.

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SUNY Buffalo Conversionby admin

RBSD designed an addition of 70,000-square-feet and renovation of 155,000-square-feet in an existing campus structure, to house the School of Dental Medicine.  The building, intended to function as a dental teaching facility and research laboratory,  contained 420 dental operatories, oral surgery facilities, research laboratories, materials laboratories, classrooms, offices, and conference and seminar spaces.  Built of precast concrete, the structure was specially designed to harmonize with both the existing structure and the adjacent campus buildings.

Client: State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY


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