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New Oncology Center, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The King Fahd Oncology Center in Dammam was designed to be a new, state-of-the-art, 196-bed oncology center to providing both inpatient and outpatient services, including diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy.  Both the interior and exterior were designed to convey a hospitality-like setting, and included an impressive four-story, light filled atrium.  The atrium was ideally located on the North side to prevent direct sunlight from entering that would make the building difficult to cool.  Sustainability and operational efficiency have been key factors throughout the design which will strive to achieve a LEED Silver rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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Hamad Medical City, Doha, Qatar

RBSD, with Sasaki Associates, was one of seven internationally known teams invited by the State of Qatar to participate in a design competition for the Hamad Medical City.    The project entailed developing a parcel of land adjacent to the existing Hamad Medical Corporation Complex into a comprehensive Medical City, including staff housing.  Before the site and facilities were put into operation for their permanent functions, they would be utilized as an Athletes Village for the Asian Games, that were held in Doha.

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New Nursing Home & Elderly Care Center, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

As part of an international design competition, RBSD prepared concepts for a building with 260 long-term care beds, 180 elderly care beds, and shared administrative and support functions.  RBSD’s proposed scheme employs vernacular features in a contemporary context, while providing the optimum orientation to minimize the impact of the harsh climate.  By incorporating atrium space, children’s play areas, terraces, and other indoor/outdoor activity areas, the design minimizes the feeling of an institutional environment.  Clear orientation patterns effectively group similar interrelated administrative, patient care, and supply elements both vertically and horizontally, within the facility.

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Rashid Hospital, Dubai, U.A.E.

As part of an international design competition, RBSD created schematic designs for the new 600-bed Rashid Hospital in Dubai.  RBSD’s design efficiently ties the new building into the existing hospital structure, while aesthetically evoking traditional Islamic culture as well as the vibrancy and modernity of Dubai.  Juxtaposition of the traditional concrete screens (meshrbieh) with the translucent curtain wall glass entrance seamlessly marries the modern and traditional building elements.  The design also incorporates a central internal courtyard, which creates an open environment that reflects vitality and wellness through lush landscaping that is visible throughout the main hospital corridors.

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New Prototype Hospitals, Cairo, Egypt

RBSD designed both a General Prototype Hospital and a Pediatric Prototype Hospital with the flexibility to be built in multiple locations.  The project included a 200-bed general hospital and a 200-bed pediatric hospital.  Both hospitals were designed to be compact, efficient, and economical to build, with the ability to be adapted to suit various neighborhoods.  The design featured clean, classic exteriors that will not look out of place amongst a variety of surrounding building styles.

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New Orthopedic Hospital and Doctors’ Office Building, Sixth of October, Egypt

Located in the city of Sixth of October, the new medical park included a 120-bed orthopedic hospital and a six-story medical tower for 96 private doctors’ offices.  The two separate functions were connected through the ground floor, which housed three medical centers for private practice.  To best take advantage of the available land and provide room for attractive landscaping, the site features two levels of below ground parking with dedicated elevator banks for the medical office building and hospital.

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Madinat Yanbu Medical Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Built for the industrial city of Yanbu, the $121 million, 13-building complex featured a 342-bed general medical/surgical hospital, a public health administration building and occupational health clinic.

RBSD’s design for the medical center integrated the local architectural vocabulary with state-of-the-art medical facilities.  The lobby was comprised of a two-story atrium provided a sense of space and facilitated wayfinding for patients and visitors.  The lobby also overlooked the lower-level cafeteria, which features a domed seating area that echoes the architectural style of the region.

In addition to the medical services, a residential development containing housing for 440 personnel, recreation building, swimming pool, and tennis courts were included on the campus.

RBSD provided  a full service package, which included: programming, planning, staffing/operations analysis services, and architectural and interior design.  Working with the Program and Construction Management firm, Ralph Parsons Ltd. from Pasadena, CA, RBSD also maintained on-site staff to provide advisory services throughout the construction period.

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As-Salam International Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

One of the first hospitals in Egypt to be constructed to U.S. healthcare standards and guidelines, the As-Salam International Hospital contains 300 patient beds and a full complement of medical services in a 14-story building on the banks of the Nile.

The floors immediately above the main lobby comprise a diagnostic and treatment core or base, administrative and diagnostic functions, and a surgical suite.  The nursing unit floors rise above the base, separating it by a mechanical services floor.  Located on the upper floors, the patient rooms provide pleasant panoramic views of the Nile River and the pyramids to the West.

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Feasibility Study for New Specialty Children’s Referral Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa

RBSD prepared a preliminary project feasibility study to develop the initial program, site selection, conceptual design, site adaptation, and rough order-of-magnitude costs for a new 300-bed Specialty Children’s Hospital to serve the entire Johannesburg/Pretoria area. The goal was to provide a new specialty referral hospital for children, which will provide cutting-edge, sophisticated medical care including kidney and heart transplants.

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HH Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Hospital, Homs, Syria

RBSD prepared a master plan and concept design for a new 100,000-square-meter healthcare complex with two general hospitals, one hotel, and a parking garage, in the city of Homs, Syria.  RBSD’s design for the proposed $75 million project balances the needs of the program components with an appropriate response to the environmental conditions of Homs.  The design takes advantage of shade and natural settings to provide comfortable microclimates.  The garden acts as a “cool zone”, and becomes a symbol of the life-giving force that is essential to an effective, healing hospital environment.  Housing, the social club and sports facility, shopping, and the restaurant overlook the garden.

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