Magrabi Hospitals & Centers

Magrabi Ophthalmology & Dentistry Hospital

To celebrate their 60th year in service, Magrabi Hospitals asked RBSD to design their show piece Ophthalmology & Dentistry Hospital in Jeddah.  With numerous offices throughout the Middle East and Africa, Magrabi Hospitals are private specialized eye care facilities, caring for 1 million patients, annually.

RBSD with ZFP designed an all-inclusive care center equipped to treat both eye and dental patients, with the ability to perform all procedures in one building.  The double height reception lobby  filled with natural light and stone allows patients and visitors to enter into a beautiful, tranquil space, while forgetting that they are in a hospital.  The 10-story, 75-bed hospital includes  materials and finishes custom selected to perform in the sunny and arid climate.  RBSD focused on Magrabi Hospitals’ branding  and updated elements common in all Magrabi facilities as well as incorporated new standards that can be used in future projects.

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