Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center provides care for 1.2 million Queens and Brooklyn residents with a Hospice Unit among the many services that they provide for the community.  When JHMC decided to renovate their existing Hospice unit, they contacted RBSD to create a design.  RBSD and JHMC discussed the new direction of care that JHMC wanted to provide for the patients and families.  JHMC was willing to lose half the number of beds in the unit in order to gain more space and to provide privacy.

RBSD designed a peaceful and dignified space for the family as well as the patient.  Each of the 10 single-bed Patient rooms include multiple sleep options for family and friends, a warm color palette and a hospitality feel.  A fully equipped family lounge was created to provide a retreat for family members, without having to leave their loved one.

Hospice Care

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