East 72nd Street Private Residence

New York, New York

RBSD has designed extensive renovations to convert the historical Lycee Francais on New York’s Upper East Side to create the largest single-family residence in Manhattan.  RBSD provided the architectural planning and design that transformed two adjacent 19th century buildings, which were most recently configured to serve as a unique private school, into an opulent modern home.

One component of this major $120 million project was the design of recreational facilities such as a swimming pool and private gym.  The two buildings wrap around a courtyard on three sides, providing a semi-enclosed outdoor garden space.  New limestone cladding is being provided in the courtyard, similar to what is being used on the street facade.

The combined building is five-stories high, with 12 bedrooms that feature 12 full baths.  The design provided a fully equipped commercial kitchen, and servants’ quarters on the top floor.  Restoration and upgrades created formal, semi-public reception and spaces for official business within the first two floors of one of the two buildings.  Gut renovation of the rest of the spaces completely reconfigured the spaces to their new residential functions, including installation of two passenger elevators and one service elevator.

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