Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

Kings County Hospital Center Major Redevelopment, Phase IV New Behavioral Health Center, Brooklyn, NY

RBSD designed a new $153 million, 330,000-square-foot Behavioral Health Center, which

consolidated eight clinically obsolete behavioral health services clinics on the 44-acre Kings County Hospital Center campus into one building.  RBSD’s exterior design is aesthetically compatible with the site, context, character, and color of the existing Kings County Hospital Center, and creates an attractive, welcoming image that reflects the hospital’s commitment to serving its Brooklyn neighborhood.

The design takes advantage of recent advances in quality building materials to create an architecture of “openness” with increased visibility within the building, and more visual connection to the outside world.

The first floor of the new hospital houses one of the largest new state-of-the-art psychiatric emergency departments in the country. The open layout enables hospital staff to effectively monitor patients.  Comfortable furnishings were selected that adhere to NYS Office of Mental Health standards for safety, durability and tamper-resistance.

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